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Proportional Pressure Controls (PPC)

FEMA makes a full line of proportional pressure controls from 6.9 bar to 345 bar (100 psig. to 5000 psig) in manifold and pipe mount configurations. The frictionless suspended armature allows for longer life and fewer reliability problems due to system contamination. These valves have many applications from relief valve piloting to molding pressure control.

Technical Specifications

FEMA custom designs and develops products to specific customer needs. The following specifications are intended as examples. Please contact us with your application to learn more about our capabilities. Other flows and pressures are available.

Application and Performance Data

  • Pressure (C Port): Control pressure P.S.I. at 0.20 G.P.M. nominal flow
  • Operating Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Hysteresis: Less than 5%
  • Fluid: Hydraulic oil
  • Fluid Operating Temperature: Up to 130 ºC (266 ºF)


  • O-Rings: Valve contains Viton O-Rings
  • Body: Aluminum Anodized
  • Envelope Pressure Ratings (C Port): 227 bar (3300 P.S.I.)
  • Envelope Pressure Ratings (T Port): 17 bar (250 P.S.I.)

Tank Port Information

  • Connection: Must be connected directly to tank.

Note: Back pressure or fluctuation of pressure in tank line will reflect on controlled pressure.


Customer to Supply

Socket Head Cap Screws: 2 (1/4 dia. x 2 LG)
Filter: 40 micron or better filter with a beta ratio of 10 or greater

Diagrams and Schematics