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Questions about our product validation testing and precision machining

If you have questions about our valves, product validation testing, precision machining, lab services, or component manufacturing, you’re in the right place. The team at FEMA Corporation is committed to arming our customers with the information that they need to make informed, beneficial decisions. Whether you want to know about our ability to customize hydraulic solenoid valves to your specifications or you’re interested in learning how to have your valves repaired, we’re here to help. On this page, you’ll find a range of answers to common questions. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page.

No, FEMA Corporation is a manufacturer of hydraulic control components and actuators created in 1968 to serve the hydraulics industry. The Federal Emergency Management Agency was created in 1979 through an order by then President Jimmy Carter to serve the nation in disaster relief. If you are looking for the government agency, please follow this link.

FEMA Corporation does not maintain a catalog. Products designed and manufactured at FEMA are done so for specific applications. We work closely with customer engineers to fully understand the needs of their systems and modify existing designs to match. Or, FEMA will suggest a clean sheet design to give the customer and application what it truly needs.

A few general specification sheets are available on a select number of our products such as the on-off direct drive valve. These can be found on the Products and Literature pages of our web site.

FEMA offers a few select products for purchase with a credit card. See our Amazon page by clicking here. Feel free to contact us to discuss other products and payment options.

Yes, we often base our new product developments on existing platforms for quicker time to market and lower cost. We are happy to discuss options with you and look forward to working with you to create exactly what you need.

The material provided on this website is a sampling of the many products FEMA has to offer. The examples demonstrated on the corresponding pages show typical valve sizes and performance criteria. We encourage you to review the sample pages and contact us about your specific application.

While there are many companies who claim to be able to repair FEMA valves, only FEMA has the equipment and expertise to repair a suspect unit correctly and completely.

FEMA Corporation will evaluate the unit upon return. The suspect unit is tested on the same equipment that was used to build the valve. If a problem is discovered, FEMA will advise the repair needed and suggest a price for rework as well as current pricing for a new unit.

FEMA also provides expert system troubleshooting if the unit is found to perform per specification. FEMA will work with your technician or engineering department to make sure that the unit selected is right for the system.