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On/Off Valves – Direct Drive Valve Spool Type (DDV)

FEMA Corporation, the industry’s leading supplier of spool valves, on/off valves, and other hydraulic solenoid valves, offers two-way, three-way, four-way, five-way, latching, sump-mount, cartridge-style, and pilot solenoids. We custom design and develop products to meet specific customer needs. Our small, efficient integrated coil allows introduction of these units into smaller areas. Typically, fifty mesh screens are standard but others are available.

Technical Specifications

The following specifications are intended as examples. Please contact us with your application to learn more about our capabilities.

Hydraulic Requirements

  • Valve Type: Two position, three-way, normally closed solenoid cartridge valve
  • Operational Temperature (oil): Up to 130 °C (266 °F)
  • Supply Pressure: Up to 200 bar
  • Flow (58 cst [40°C]):
    • Flow from S to C and C to T is 18.0 L/min at 500 kPa pressure differential
  • Leakage (58 cst [40°C]):
    • Maximum leakage is 0.02 L/min at 1750 kPa with valve in open or closed position
    • Special units with leakage to 0.0004 L/min maximum are also available

Electrical Requirements

  • Continuous Duty: Capable of operating continuous duty with 12 to 24 volt options. Diodes are optional.


Download the specification sheet for our direct drive, spool type valves.


Diagrams and Schematics

3-Way Valve


4-Way Valve


5-Way Valve