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Our History


  • Race to the Moon - our founder, Mr. Bob Banfield contributes to NASA's space and ballistic missiles programs
  • Bob establishes 'a company using aerospace level technology for industrial products' in California: FEMA Corporation


  • FEMA moves to Michigan to access primary markets, major highways, universities, talent, and aero technology
  • FEMA develops the force motor: proportional control valves for industrial applications such as injection mold machines


  • FEMA gains recognition on a challenging military tank application: Electro Hydraulic (EH) transmission control
  • FEMA develops control valves for off-road Power Shift Transmissions (PST) and "latching" valves for on-road power shift transmissions.
  • FEMA expands to Brake-by-Wire and Traction Aid Systems
  • FEMA develops technology enabling the first Off-Road Power-shift transmission


  • PST EH program with low cost proportional valves. Patented Power Take Off (PTO) Control Valve
  • FEMA expands to a larger site.
  • Wins key supplier awards through the 1990's and continues to the present (2010's)
  • FEMA becomes an ESOP, initially with employee ownership of a portion of the company


  • FEMA develops analytics, new markets and grows to international markets
  • FEMA develops Innovation Award winning steering products developed for satellite navigation
  • FEMA enters the sectional valve market and grows into packaged hydraulics
  • Component Manufacturing and Machining is created to support assembly and test operations


  • FEMA becomes 100% Employee Owned
  • Innovation Award winning development continues: energy saving EH Proportional Regulating valve
  • Further expansions in manufacturing and automation
  • Land purchased for second campus


  • Continuing award-winning innovations in the electro-hydraulic valve market
  • Diversifying into other markets with new products
  • Second campus planned
  • Looking forward to serving existing and new customers in our next 50 years of growth

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