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- Registered ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 company
- Located in Southwest Michigan
- Serving Industry Worldwide

FEMA offers a full line of Electro-hydraulic proportional and On/Off products - Designing and producing products to meet the needs of individual applications.

FEMA develops Proportional Pilots, 2 – Stage Electrohydraulic Valves, Magnetic Latching Valves, On/Off Electrohydraulic Solenoid Valves and Mechanical Actuators, Hydraulic System Assemblies, and Component Manufacturing.

FEMA offers full development support with up-front analysis and full hydraulic testing capabilities.  Experience in various industries gives FEMA an advantage to better understand how FEMA product will match with the intended system. Ask us about FEMA Corporation's Design and Development and Product Testing services.

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  • FEMA Engineering

  • Engineering, Design and Development, and Product Testing Services

    FEMA offers an experienced and knowledgeable Application Engineering team, which works with our customer to align with requirements, provide early collaboration and target innovative solutions. FEMA also relies on a strong Design Engineering team, which provide quick response during the entire design phase with models, dynamic and variation analysis, test lab results and other benefits. Further, FEMA provides Field Engineering support during and after the release to production phase, with proactive engagement, instrumentation, analysis, and assistance with testing.


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FEMA Corporation features a number of unique engineering capabilities, innovative products, exceptional production competencies, distinctive cultural philosophies, and attentive services which continually exceed our customers’ expectations. We have a rich history, built on the foundation of technical engineering prowess and operational excellence, which has resulted in long-term, stable growth. Learn about featured products, company news, history, success stories, events, and project oriented solutions.


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