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Proportional Cartridge Valve - 2 Stage

2 Stage Cartridge ValvesThe "Analog proportional pressure control valve" is an electro-hydraulic unit designed to modulate pressure from 0 to 30 bar (0 to 435 PSI). Flows or FEMA's 2 stage cartridge valves range from .5 l/s to 3.75 l/s at 20 bar delta (8 to 60 GPM @290 PSID). Other pressures, gain curves, and reverse gain are available.

This two stage unit features high spool driving forces which enable it to overcome heavy contamination and debris. This valve can operate at contamination levels of ISO 25/23 intermittently, and ISO 19/16 continuously.

As shown in the schematic, this is a two position, normally closed, three way pressure control valve, and is designed for applications such as clutch control within power shift transmissions. It is also used on other various applications within the off road mobile market. 

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Cartridge Valve - 2 Stage

Cartridge Valve - 2 Stage

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