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The tenets that are foundational to FEMA – customer attentiveness; engineering driven; superior product performance; and 100% on time delivery are ingrained and carried through the component manufacturing operations. The state of the art turning and milling equipment is paired with an experienced machining and engineering staff to produce exceptional results.  Let FEMA Component Manufacturing help make your production feel seamless.

FEMA Component Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

State-of-the-art equipment from three turret 3 Y-Axis multi-tasking machine centers with 50.88mm in bar capacity to precision Swiss CNC machines from 32mm and smaller.
CNC vertical machining centers. FEMA Corporation milling operations can accommodate simple through complex engineered, precision machined parts.
Inventory Management
On-time delivery is critical to you so it's critical to us. We'll work with you on blanket quantities for best pricing, then manage releases accordingly.                            
Controlled processes include the light assembly of subcomponent parts using items machined on our turning and milling centers.

Engineering Driven
Design for manufacturability from concept to print to production. FEMA engineering is involved up front and through production.                             


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