Local Racing Events Get Sponsored by FEMA Corporation, a Provider of Valves, Contract Manufacturing, Automation Services, and More

Not only does FEMA Corporation provide solenoid and sectional valves, contract manufacturing, automation services, and more, but we also sponsor local racing events for the community! Each year, FEMA supports health and wellness of our employees by sponsoring them to participate. This year, FEMA had the pleasure of sponsoring employees for two different 5k Runs that saw friendly competition, great turnout, and were an enjoyable experience for all who attended. We also sponsored some of our staff to participate in a local, co-ed softball team.

FEMA-Sponsored Local 5k Runs

  • Saturday, August 6 – Wildcat 5k Run took place in Mattawan
  • Saturday, September 10 – Grape Lake 5k Run & Walk in Paw Paw