Learn More About FEMA Corporation’s Success Story

FEMA Corporation of Michigan (FEMA), based in Southwest Michigan, specializes in manufacturing custom electro-hydraulic components tailored for a wide range of applications around the globe. With more than 50 years of experience, FEMA excels in delivering high-quality products like proportional pilots, hydraulic valves, and mechanical actuators, supported by extensive industry knowledge. CEO Steven Pride attributes FEMA’s success to its commitment to exceptional customer service, acknowledging the pivotal role customers play in driving our company’s growth.

Founded in 1968 by Robert Banfield, FEMA initially focused on hydraulic research for aerospace applications before expanding into the industrial and automotive markets. Relocating to Michigan in 1971, FEMA evolved into a standalone company, witnessing substantial growth and international expansion. The company notably transitioned to full employee ownership by 2011, emphasizing a culture where every employee directly benefits from FEMA’s success.

FEMA’s focus on customer needs and operational excellence has led to greater geographical expansion and technological advancements. The company’s Otsego facility, opened three years ago, demonstrates FEMA’s commitment to diversification and access to new talent pools. Additionally, their Portage plant boasts heavy automation, ensuring operational efficiency, quality, and safety for employees. This emphasis on automation aligns with Robert Banfield’s vision of protecting his employees while also optimizing production processes.

Looking ahead, FEMA plans to expand its corporate office in 2024, reflecting its commitment to employee comfort and modernization. Furthermore, we aim to venture into automated products and ride dynamics, leveraging our engineering expertise and customer-focused approach to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Through a combination of customer focus, employee ownership, and technological innovation, FEMA Corporation continues to thrive, meeting evolving market demands with agility and excellence. You can read more about our success story by clicking the link below. Contact us for more information about our services.

Power to the People: Inside FEMA Corporation’s Success Story