FEMA features Pilot Operated Proportional Solenoid Valves

FEMA’s high-frequency pilot operated hydraulic solenoid valves are frictionless hydraulic pressure modulation valves that operate with direct-current or a simple > 1000hz high frequency electrical input. Our two-stage cartridge valves feature Electro-Hydraulic pilot proportional pressure control to modulate pressure from 0 to 30 bar, and flow range near 4 liters per second at 20 bar delta. The two stages provide high-spool driving force, and our advanced manufacturing process for the piloted design maintains efficiency in heavily contaminated systems.

FEMA’s high-frequency valves, often used in transmission clutch and PTO control offer high reliability, low cost and proportionality while maintaining a small size and weight.

See the Products section of our web site for more details along with the benefits of working with our Application Engineering team to specify FEMA Corporation’s Pilot Operated Proportional Solenoids into your system.