FEMA Design and Development

The FEMA Corporation name is derived from the first letters of Newton’s Second Law: Force Equals Mass times Acceleration. This is a constant reminder that sound products are always based on sound fundamental engineering principles.

With internationally certified Hydraulic Specialists, design engineers, and a fully equipped engineering test laboratory, FEMA leads the industry in design and development of hydraulic controls.

FEMA engineering easily engages as an extension of the customer’s engineering department using the latest technology to develop hydraulic controls along with the customer.

FEMA is now offering general and direct Design and Development engineering for any related projects where we can assist existing and new customers.

A sampling of design tools include:

  • Thermal Analysis with Maxwell
  • Magnetic Analysis with Maxwell
  • Hydraulic System Design with AMESim
  • Finite Element Analysis with Cosmos
  • 3D solid modeling with SolidWorks / Pro E / Cosmos

FEMA offers an experienced and knowledgeable Application Engineering team, which works with our customer to align with requirements, provide early collaboration and target innovative solutions. FEMA also relies on a strong Design Engineering team, which provide quick response during the entire design phase with models, dynamic and variation analysis, test lab results and other benefits. Further, FEMA provides Field Engineering support during and after the release to production phase, with proactive engagement, instrumentation, analysis, and assistance with testing.