FEMA Corporation Sponsors a “Most Miles 2018” Competition

Once again, FEMA Corporation is sponsoring a “Most Miles” competition in June for its employees. The organizers have created four different groups. The first team to reach 3500 weighted miles or closest to it will be named the winner!

The contest begins June 1st and ends June 30th. Total miles are to be submitted each Monday. Miles will be recorded and posted at a prominent location within our campus.

Miles are weighted by four optional modes of activity.

  • 1 mile walk = 1 weighted mile
  • 1 mile run = 1 weighted mile
  • 1 mile biking = 0.25 weighted mile (4 bike mile = 1 weighted mile)
  • 1 mile swim = 4 weighted miles

Normal activities, such as walking a golf course, mowing the lawn, running bases in softball, or walking as part of one’s normal job do not count. The only activities that will be credited toward the competition are dedicated walking, running, swimming, or biking!