FEMA Corporation: Product Testing Services

The FEMA Corporation name is derived from the first letters of Newton’s Second Law: Force Equals Mass times Acceleration. This is a constant reminder that sound products are always based on sound fundamental engineering principles.

With internationally certified Hydraulic Specialists, design engineers, and a fully equipped engineering test laboratory, FEMA leads the industry in Product Testing Services for a wide range of electro-hydraulic and other components.

FEMA Engineering easily engages as an extension of the customer’s engineering department using the latest technology to develop hydraulic controls along with the customer.

All of the FEMA Corporation lab and product testing equipment that we use in house is NIST traceable. We also work with several other test houses to perform testing not possible on site. We offer the following capabilities:

  • Vibration
    • Random
    • Sinusoidal
    • Shock
    • Wet Vibration (Hydraulic performance across frequency range)
  • Hydraulic
    • 11 hydraulics power units ranging from 15-350HP
    • Durability
    • Flow vs. Delta P
    • Leakage
    • Contamination
      • Durability and sensitivity
      • ISO 4406
    • Impulse/Fatigue and Burst
      • NFPA T2.6.1 R2014
      • Fatigue: Up to 690 bar
      • Burst: Up to 4000 bar
  • Environmental
    • Thermal Shock
      • Oil to Oil and Air to Air
    • Thermal Cycle
    • Combined Environmental
      • Humidity/Temperature/Voltage
    • Immersion
      • IEC 60529
    • Cold Water Splash/Jet
    • Hydraulic performance validation across temperature range
  • Miscellaneous
    • Jump Start Voltage
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Force vs. Displacement
    • Electrical
      • Megohm
      • AC Hipot
      • Resistance vs. Frequency
      • Inductance vs. Frequency