FEMA Corporation Launches Specialized Transmission Control Valve

Portage, MI (June 2020): The frictionless armature of FEMA Corporation’s electro-hydraulic (EH) transmission control valve provides low hysteresis, eliminates wear surfaces and extends the expected duty life cycle. The two stage, pilot operated pressure control EH valve is highly adaptive. The pilot stage design includes high clearances which enables it to function in relatively higher contaminated environment. The main stage design floats to ensure alignment. It can accommodate a simple Direct Current signal resulting in precise control with no dither requirements. The valve has multiple integrated damping features for increased control of the transmission shift operation. Each application can be custom tuned to achieve optimum performance. A product update resulted in a more compact and efficient design for improved packaging in tight spaces.

The product is rated for 20-30 bar supply pressure, flows of 30-40LPM at 5 bar Delta P and 40 to 100C temperature environment and can be used in many OEM Off-Highway heavy duty equipment applications.

FEMA Corporation can partner on any transmission or other electro-hydraulic valve applications; including design, development and validation of innovative, affordable, and differentiated solutions. Comprised of the finest application, design, test and process engineers in the industry, FEMA can collaborate with customers to bring projects from concept to production.

Leverage successes from FEMA off-road mobile equipment, aerospace, automotive, stationary machinery, rough terrain sporting, medical devices and a wide range of other markets can ensure success of many programs.