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FEMA's Jason Brandenburg and Daughter Talk Electro-Magnets at Moorsbridge Elementary


A father-daughter team recently visited Moorsbridge Elementary in Portage, Michigan to talk to Mr. Heerlyn’s 3rd grade class about electro-magnets. Jason and Tessa Brandenburg demonstrated how electro-magnets work and helped each student build their own to take home. Jason is a product engineer with FEMA Corporation and his daughter is currently in the 5th grade at Moorsbridge elementary.

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FEMA Corporation Sponsors Employees in a Number of Local Runs

FEMA Corporation

FEMA Corporation is committed to having a positive impact in our community by providing our employees with a range of ways to get outside, get some exercise, and build relationships with their coworkers outside of the office’s walls. In 2019, we will be sponsoring employees who are participating in five different local runs: the Borgess Run, the Kalamazoo Mud Run, the Kalamazoo Klassic, the Battle Creek Half Marathon and 5K, and the Paw Paw Grape Lake 5K.

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FEMA Corporation Sponsors a "Most Miles 2018" Competition

Most Miles

Once again, FEMA Corporation is sponsoring a "Most Miles" competition in June for its employees. The organizers have created four different groups. The first team to reach 3500 weighted miles or closest to it will be named the winner!

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FEMA Corporation Engineer & Daughter Present on Electromagnets for Second Year

FEMA Corporation

For a second year, FEMA Corporation engineer Jason Brandenburg and his daughter Tessa presented on electromagnets to Mr. Heerlyn’s 3rd grade class at Moorsbridge Elementary in Portage, Michigan. Using a FEMA made coil, a nail (iron core), a 9V battery (power source) and a 9V battery connector (positive and negative connections), they demonstrated what an electromagnet circuit is and how the kids could create their own. Students picked up nails, paper clips, and other iron objects in the classroom. Some even stuck their electromagnets to the side of their desks.

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FEMA Corporation Breaks Ground on Another Expansion

FEMA Campus

FEMA Corporation has broken ground on a 47,567 square-foot building addition. It will be attached to the northwest area of our existing plant at 1716 Vanderbilt Avenue in Portage, MI. This is the latest of several expansions as a result of new business and employment growth. It will increase our total campus area to nearly 200,000 square-feet under roof in Portage.

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Industry leading trade magazine features FEMA Corporation in April 2016 Edition

Diesel Progress

This month, Diesel Progress magazine ran a story covering electrohydraulic valve development at FEMA Corporation. Discussing our aerospace engineering history, the article mentioned our extensive product line, unique sales model and forward-thinking approach to future development. Closing with a discussion of our successful scholarship program and our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our customers, Diesel Progress' article is an excellent introduction to our company and, more importantly, the philosophy that has driven us towards excellence for over fifty years.

Click here to download the full article

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FEMA Corporation advertisement


FEMA Corporation releases another advertisement in Diesel Progress industry trade magazine - March 2016 edition

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FEMA Corporation supports its customers globally


Exceeding customer expectations- this is one of the bedrock ideals on which FEMA Corporation was founded in 1968. An important factor contributing to our success in fulfilling this mission is our Application Engineering (AE) team. They offer an abundance of technical electro-hydraulic (E-H) valve knowledge and experience with large and mid-sized manufacturers of original machines and equipment. This team is comprised of application engineers, business development engineers and service / support engineers. Since these experts are all centrally located at our headquarters in Portage, MI, USA they have direct and continuous contact with our design and product development engineers, our extensive test, durability and R&D laboratory; process engineering, component manufacturing and assembly / test operations. This provides our AE group with unique opportunities for unlimited access to the specific technical information necessary to offer solutions to our customers.

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FEMA Corporation advertisement


FEMA Corporation releases an advertisement in Diesel Progress - January 2016 edition

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The Zeiss ACCURA II Coordinate Measuring Machine at FEMA Corporation

coordinate measuring machine

When quality matters, precision is a must and having the correct tools for the job can make the difference. Products and components are always growing in complexity and tightening in tolerances, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) is a part of everyday life. Having the measuring capabilities in place to meet these needs is an important part of any quality system. The addition of a Zeiss ACCURA II coordinate measuring machine (CMM) was a welcome addition here at FEMA Corporation.

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