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The Fema Corporation student scholarship program has been an institution within itself for over 35 years. Fema has sponsored well over 150 students during this time from all levels of education commencing with High School Juniors and up through college undergrads from freshmen to seniors. Many have also gone on to complete Masters Degrees and recently we are sponsoring our first PHD. The aim is to develop future employees and talent for our company, and in fact we currently have 44 employees that came up through this scholarship program.

Scores of other graduates have also gone on to wonderful careers and opportunities elsewhere. Our approach is an amalgam of theory, application, and hands-on work all while attending classes at the college and university level. Students that complete our program are more than ready to "hit the ground running" post-graduation as they embark on their careers. If you would like to learn more about our scholarship program or inquire about your eligibility, please contact our human resources department.

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