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FEMA Corp achieves ISO 14001 environmental certification


FEMA Corp achieved ISO 14001 environmental certification in November of 2015 from “bsi”, a third party accreditation firm.  ISO 14001 certification puts environmental management at the “core” of our operations and enables us to achieve sustainable success in reducing our environmental impact while also fostering wonderful opportunities for business growth and employee careers.  Our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our neighbors will take confidence that FEMA is not just talking about environmental stewardship, but that we are actively taking a leadership role as demonstrated by this commitment to certification and its continuance.   


The rigorous certification process took over 1 year to complete by a cross functional leadership team working with all departments and groups within FEMA.  Systems and processes were smoothly integrated into our operations, including best practice ways to identify and continuously reduce our overall environmental impact. 


There are certainly many benefits to achieving ISO 14001 certification, including employee pride, fostering a better “culture” to work within, pro-actively achieving future customer expectations, cost reduction, and overall risk mitigation, yet aside from all of these benefits, it is simply the right thing to do!

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