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FEMA Engineers look forward to 24hrs of Lemons 2016 Race Season


Returning from a 1 year hiatus after their Class B win, FEMA engineers James Rucker and Michael Gruizinga have resumed efforts on the exciting “MetSHO” race car. 

The team competes in the 24hrs of Lemons racing series, where $500 “lemons” are raced wheel-to-wheel on paved road courses across the country.  2016 will mark the teams 6th year competing in the series, and their first year bringing MetSHO into the ultra-competitive “A” class. The endurance series requires creative engineering solutions in order to remain both competitive and reliable while maintaining strict budget limits.

The innovative “MetSHO” combines the chassis of a Geo Metro with the suspension and driveline of a Ford Taurus SHO.  The powerful DOHC v6 is mounted behind the driver in the bantam-weight Metro chassis, providing ("super-car-like"!) unique handling characteristics along with face-melting acceleration. With a 15 gallon fuel cell installed in place of the original Geo 3cylinder engine, the efficient MetSHO can turn laps for over 2hrs before refueling is necessary.  Throughout the car’s grueling 8 race career, it has won numerous awards including the Judges choice trophy, 1st place in the Metro cup, 1st place in class B, and the prestigious organizers choice award. 

When asked about the upcoming season, lap-record-setting driver James Rucker comments, “The car is entering a new domain this year. Cars in Class A are not only faster, but are also more reliable and more fuel efficient.  We will have our work cut-out for us this winter in the shop, and next year on the track.”

The car will receive numerous updates over the winter off-season and rumor has it that the crowd-favorite “No-Pro” livery (a parody of the 2011 Pikes Peak GoPro Suzuki) may be updated as well.

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