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The Zeiss ACCURA II Coordinate Measuring Machine at FEMA Corporation

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According to FEMA's Kevin Kupka, Quality Technician; when quality matters, precision is a must and having the correct tools for the job can make the difference. Products and components are always growing in complexity and tightening in tolerances, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) is a part of everyday life. Having the measuring capabilities in place to meet these needs is an important part of any quality system. The addition of a Zeiss ACCURA II coordinate measuring machine (CMM) was a welcome addition here at FEMA Corporation. It has shown itself to be an excellent resource in increasing the achievement of our quality goals, abilities, and commitments to customers; both internally and externally.

Our lab was built specifically for CMM operations. Constructed with an isolated floor measurements are less likely to be affected by vibrations. Since temperature and humidity are major environmental factors that affect measurements; the lab is continually monitored to ensure it falls within the acceptable limits of 68° ±1° Fahrenheit.

The CMM itself has a measuring area of 900mm in "X", 1600mm in "Y", and 800mm in "Z". The ACCURA II utilizes a multi-point active scanning system with the VAST XTR Gold sensor head. The XTR uses an integrated rotary axis enabling the stylus mount to turn in 15 degree increments maximizing accuracy and flexibility. Combining this with Zeiss's "VAST Navigator System" optimal measuring speeds can be automatically adjusted to the required accuracies for a wide range of features and positions.

Since its acquisition last October the ACCURA II has allowed the Quality Department to more efficiently perform first article inspections. Provide additional assistance and support in prototype development. As well as, provide physical part to CAD model comparisons for our engineering teams. Our quality technician along with two quality inspectors, have completed advanced training from Zeiss in Calypso applications and CMM methodology. With over 25 years combined experience in quality; our training is always viewed as a continuous process.

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