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Component Manufacturing from FEMA Corporation

Cartridge Valves

When you need the industry’s best cartridge valves, solenoid lock-out units, manifold systems, and proportional valves, you go to FEMA Corporation. But, what if your needs are more specific? What if you need custom component parts in a range of materials and diameters? If so, you can be certain that the team at FEMA Corporation can help. Our engineering division is directly involved in the new product development process and is performed concurrently with product design to reduce communication gaps. This method affords us the opportunity to deliver parts faster, better, and to our customers’ exact specifications.

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Explore the Range of On/Off, Proportional, and Cartridge Valves Available from FEMA Corporation

Cartridge Valves

For over fifty years, FEMA Corporation has offered a catalog of high-quality proportional, on/off, and cartridge valves. Utilized in a wide range of industries, including military, agriculture, mass transportation, and mining, our products have earned a reputation for their dependable performance and rugged, long-lasting designs. Since our founding, we have aimed to work with customers to make their systems successful. We strive to supply products that fit within the requirements defined by our customers, ensuring that they achieve the performance and costs that they require. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at a few of the products that we offer.

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A Closer Look at FEMA Corporation’s Proportional Cartridge Valves

Cartridge Valves

When it comes to cartridge valves, FEMA Corporation’s two-stage valves provide high-spool driving forces and are able to continue functioning even in heavily contaminated systems. Often used in transmission clutches and PTO control, they offer unparalleled reliability, cost-efficiency, and precision proportionality in a small, compact form. With the ability to operate at contamination levels of ISO 25/23 intermittently and ISO 19/16 continuously, these valves are rock solid and can be depended upon to meet the needs of difficult operations.

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