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Mattawan Senior Finds Success Through Experience at VBTC

Van Buren County Technology Center

Evan Semrau, a senior at Mattawan High School, is in his second year in Advanced Manufacturing at the Van Buren Technology Center.

Evan has known that he wanted to be an Engineer since he was 10 years old. His Grandfather was a Civil Engineer and his Godfather is an industrial engineer.

As he entered high school, he knew that he wanted to do more than just sit in class. He began researching what companies are looking for in employees. That information, along with his desire to be on his feet participating in hands on activities, led him to enroll in Advanced Manufacturing as a junior. He wanted to position himself as a desirable employee from early on in his educational career. Those desires have certainly paid off.

At the end of his junior year he was recommended for a position at FEMA (Force Equals Mass times Acceleration) in Portage, Michigan.

Evan was interviewed in June and hired on the spot. He spends 4 outof his 5 afternoons, approximately 17.5 hours, working at FEMA and attends class on Friday at the Technology Center. 80% of his time is work based.

Tony Meeker, Manufacturing Supervisor at FEMA, is very impressed with Evan. “Our original student program recruited from the junior and senior classes at Western. Then we decided to open our scope to freshman and sophomores in college. Evan is one of the first students to be recruited while still in high school.” said Tony. “He is a stellar young man who is extremely mature and capable. Evan is on his third rotation of teams (students rotate every semester) and I have received excellent feedback on his work as well as his ability to integrate himself into the culture of our company. He continually meets quality objectives, is extremely attentive and you can tell he is here with a purpose.”

FEMA is world renowned in hydraulics. With only 185 employees, they were still recently selected as Global Supplier of the Year. The business is 100% employee owned so the employees are direct recipients of the business.

Evan’s position will transition into a full-time position over the summer while he attends Lees Honor College at Western University in the fall.

In addition to providing a salary for time worked, FEMA will also be contributing to his tuition.

“If you are looking to advance your career while completing your education, the Technology Center is the place for you. I gained hands on experience that made me a stand out amongst my peers and was hired by a local company in my field of interest during my junior year. My future holds many opportunities thanks to my experience at the Technology Center” said Evan.

For more information on the Advanced Manufacturing program, as well as other programs at the Van Buren Technology Center, contact us at 269.539.5328.

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