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FEMA Corporation supports its customers globally


Exceeding customer expectations- this is one of the bedrock ideals on which FEMA Corporation was founded in 1968. An important factor contributing to our success in fulfilling this mission is our Application Engineering (AE) team. They offer an abundance of technical electro-hydraulic (E-H) valve knowledge and experience with large and mid-sized manufacturers of original machines and equipment. This team is comprised of application engineers, business development engineers and service / support engineers. Since these experts are all centrally located at our headquarters in Portage, MI, USA they have direct and continuous contact with our design and product development engineers, our extensive test, durability and R&D laboratory; process engineering, component manufacturing and assembly / test operations. This provides our AE group with unique opportunities for unlimited access to the specific technical information necessary to offer solutions to our customers.

The FEMA Corporation AE team has a demonstrated and extensive proficiency with E-H products and systems. Given this deep comprehension they are able to quickly and effectively support our customers around the world. Unlike many other companies, Application Engineers are based at our main operations in Portage, and stay in tune with ongoing research, development, and manufacturing.  These activities result in knowledgeable consultation and spot-on feedback covering all touchpoints within our organization yielding the best customer support possible.  Our team works engineer to engineer with customers throughout the world both in visits and through virtual meetings.   

The AE team members travel regularly within North America, and also proactively to South America, Europe and Asia with particular focus on China, Japan, South Korea and India. Regardless of where key clients’ design control or stakeholders are located around the globe, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service from our campus in Michigan. Ultimately, FEMA Corporation strives to help customers be competitive in their markets by providing highly engineered solutions and commercially viable products with world-class quality in high volume production.

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